Luciferous is a psychologically invasive thriller about one family, where each member eerily performs the role of their own doppleganger, in a scenario anyone would fear.

Filmed in their high-rise apartment, young parents Mahsa and Alex live with their daughter Mina. Everything about them is completely normal, uncomfortably real: Their home, their jobs, her school, the way they hold and love each other. The line between fact and fiction is obliterated because they are a real family. Until completely normal turns into what they fear most. Alex's brutal injury opens the door to an unseen aggressor that physically and psychologically attacks and dismantles the family one person at a time: A violent presence determined to prove that possession is real, unconscionably disturbing and very different from how it's depicted in the fiction of movies.




There are things in this world that frighten us, at least most of us, to the point of inaction. Fear dominates the psyche (at times subtly, at times intensely) because we all recognize that forces outside of our control manipulate the rules of the game 24/7. So we convince ourselves the only way to survive is to pretend that everything is fine. - But everything is not fine.

As Directors, we believe the most horrifying violence inflicted upon generation after generation is that every man, woman and child (first made to believe they are righteous) can so easily be possessed to do wicked and terrible things: Willingly... and aware that their actions are contrary to their moral code of ethics.

It is a heart-felt subject for us because of our backgrounds, because of how we've grown up, because of what we have seen... What happens to one family in LUCIFEROUS is a microcosmic example of a terrifying, ever-present social condition. People shape culture, politics, the economy and religion because as free individuals we believe we make decisions rationally: In our own best interest. But what if we are wrong? What if we are surreptitiously made to think that what we choose to do is the right thing to do? One doesn't need to be a conspiracy theorist to see the writing on the walls. So we ask ourselves the question... Is emotional malleability our weakness by which unseen forces persuade us to make monsters of ourselves?

Initially, we titled the film IN FEAR WE TRUST but ultimately changed it to LUCIFEROUS, concluding that anything or anyone willing to sacrifice everything to illuminate truth could exist as both villain and hero. The film was captured in our apartment with real family members as the primary cast in the hope that audiences would respond to the authenticity of every detail: Our affection towards each other, our wardrobe, our home, everything. We hope that audiences become immersed in this world, in a psychologically creepy film, very different from traditional works of fiction (structurally and stylistically)... until they become shocked by a horrifying truth - That the events they are witnessing might have actually happened to us, or worse, could at that very moment be happening to them.

Mahsa Ghorbankarimi / Alexander Gorelick